This technique has been around for decades, but has been gradually improving over the years. The powder method is more like a traditional tattoo, and involves the application of thousands of tiny dots of pigment, inserted into the skin, gradually building up a colour and defined shape.  Powder Brows use a more traditional tattooing method, with longer lasting results, and works with most skin types, including oily or combination skin. Clients come back for colour boosts closer to the 12-18month mark. The brow is also fuller and more defined or dramatic than with the hairstroke method.

We recommend Powder Brows for individuals with oily skin, mature skin, and for those wanting a soft makeup look. The soft makeup look means that the tails of the brows are darker and fade to a lighter at the start of the brows, giving them a subtle look. The ideal candidates for powdered brows are those who have hair, but fill in with makeup. If you have thinner brows, we can add in hair strokes after for additional texture. Powder Brows traditionally last for 1-3 years.


What is the Difference Between Powder Brows and Microblading?

Microblading and Powder Brows are both procedures that fall into the semi-permanent makeup category, meaning that they have a certain lifespan. The powder technique is a bit less invasive than the one of microblading. During microblading the artist uses a microblading tool that creates small, hair-like incisions into your skin in order to make each stroke resemble natural hair.

The powder technique is a bit different.The whole procedure is definitely less invasive than that of microblading – using a small tool that disperses very tiny dots of pigment the artist achieves that airbrush effect. It creates small incisions into the skin, but it’s done on the epidermis layer of the skin, which means that the pigment does not penetrate deep into the tissue. As a result of that, the artist creates a powdery effect on your brows, making the brows look fuller and thicker.

Due to this fact, the whole procedure is less painful and there is less bleeding.  This is mostly because of the airbrush technique that is used, which creates less trauma to the skin. Since this procedure doesn’t require the creation of cuts into the skin, the amount of blood that surfaces is very close to zero, which makes this procedure perfect for everyone who wants great eyebrows without spilling any drop of blood – literally.


Powder Brows is a type of PMU (permanent make up), giving the effect of ‘always having make-up’ on the brows, resulting in a very natural look, and in comparison to microblading, results are longer lasting. Although, results vary based on lifestyle, skin type, health and the way the patient takes care of them after the actual procedure.


What is extremely important for the success of powder brows is that you don’t drink caffeine at least 24 hours prior the procedure, avoid Aspirin, Ibuprofen or other natural blood thinners, and also avoid any facials at least two weeks before the procedure.