When you decide to take the plunge into the world of eyelash extensions, one of the first things you discover is just how many choices there are. Yes, extensions aren’t all created equal – in fact, there are several different types of eyelash extensions and each one comes with its own unique pros and cons. And find out why we have chosen the material we have at Skinworks.

Mink lash extensions

For starters, mink lashes are just about the most realistic you can get, because they’re made from actual hair. To be specific, they come from the tail of Siberian or Chinese Minks and thanks to the fact that they are natural – they look very natural, like your real lashes, none of that shiny fake look. Mink lashes are feathery soft, slightly curled and lightweight, which means you can layer them up for maximum volume and length without looking like you’re wearing a set of lashes. But Mink lashes do have more downsides than up sides. They lose their curl extremely fast, if they get wet and require daily styling and maintenance to get a good curl after wetting them. So you’ll have to be extra careful in the shower. Also, there is the concern of animal cruelty, how the procedure is done isn’t favourable, so therefore, Mink lashes are starting to become a thing of the past.

Faux fur mink lash extensions

Faux mink lashes are one of the top choices for lash therapists. much like their real-fur counterparts, faux mink lash extensions are extremely natural-looking, fairly thin, last a long time and can help give you a nice fullness without making it look like you’re wearing extensions.
They are carefully designed to resemble real mink as much as possible, and it shows, although there’s a range in quality. The best faux mink lashes may be made of synthetic material but they’re so remarkably soft and ‘fur like’ that it’s hard to tell the difference when you inspect them. And unlike real mink, they have the advantage of keeping their curl even when wet. The curl in faux mink lash extensions is permanent so you don’t have to deal with constant fussing or taking the worlds most careful and annoying showers.

Silk eyelash

Another top choice for lash therapists. Silk eyelash extensions are a nice happy medium in terms of realism and thickness between fur lashes like mink and synthetic mink lashes.
Silk lashes tend to be thicker than mink and are typically thicker at the bottom and thinner toward the ends, helping to create a fuller looking lash line.
They’re also reasonably natural-looking, but are also darker, fuller, bolder and glossier than mink, adding more of a touch of drama. Silk extensions sit right in that vague grey area of realism where they’re just realistic enough to make people stare a moment.
Much like their counterpart Faux Mink lashes, silk lashes require little maintenance, which means you can sleep comfortably, swim, bathe and play sports without worrying about your delicate lash extensions falling out.
Silk lashes and mink lashes are made of the same material, then only difference is how they are made, mink is actually slightly better for your lashes as they are lighter, therefore out less weight on your natural lash.

So there you have it, three of the top types of materials for lashes. At Skinworks, we have a range of mink lashes for or classic lash extensions and for our volume have a special blend of mink and silk lashes, which gives a rich black colour like silk but with the lightness of faux mink, the best of both worlds! We at Skinworks believe that real mink lashes are a thing of the past, and would encourage all therapists and clients alike to always question and refuse lashes that are made of real mink hair, they are so many better options for lashes that do not cause animal cruelty.

Lash extensions are a thing of beauty, let’s keep it that way!