The henna brows treatment is a semi-permanent treatment that has become extremely popular in the eyebrow tinting industry because of its various benefits.

Henna comes from the Lawsonia Inermis plant and has been used to dye the skin and hairs for hundreds of years.  Unlike traditional brow tinting,  brow henna not only stains the hairs, but also stains the skin and is completely natural and safe. Besides these benefits, Brow Henna eyebrow tinting also provides long lasting results tinting the skin up to 2 weeks, and the brow hairs up to 6 weeks.

How often can you use henna on your brows

We realize that it’s no fun walking around with faded eyebrows. But it’s more important not to damage your hair follicles and over-dry your skin. Henna, just like other colourants, is still a dye. With chemical properties. It’s important to wait for it to oxidize into your skin fully and allow your hairs to breathe a bit before going in again.
Typically, with normal to somewhat oily skin types, the pigment can slightly wash out after 1 to 2 weeks. If you go in immediately after 1 week and ask to dye your brows again, it can actually be a bit harmful to the condition of the hair and skin. Over-processing is not advisable and can hinder the health of your natural brows.
What you can do, is use a brow pencil to instead fill in those gaps slightly and wait another week or two to repeat the treatment. Once a month is preferably the optimal time frame in between treatments. Henna is meant to fade with time, and that just means that your skin cells are renewing and your body is working properly!


• For the first 24-48hrs you MUST keep your new Henna Brows DRY! Avoid any water, sweating, steam, swimming.

• The Longer you do not touch then with ANYTHING the longer they’ll last.

• Avoid the use of any cleansers, exfoliants, AHA’s and retinols directly over your brows this includes skin peels etc.

• Do not use makeup wipes or removers on the brow

• Avoid long hot showers/baths

• Avoid chlorinated pools, spas and excessive heat such as sauna’s and vigorous workouts as this will dramatically accelerate the fading process.